Independent Laboratory Testing

Adhesive Technical Services offers a fully independent laboratory testing service for adhesives, tapes and labels.

Tests are carried out to industry standard methods, such as FINAT, AFERA, PSTC, PSMA and ASTM. Testing is also undertaken to product specifications, such as automotive, M.O.D. etc. Specific tests can be developed for individual product applications, or to investigate performance problems.

We offer testing to BS5609, the standard for chemical drum labels, with tests carried out at our own marine exposure site on the Essex coast.

A range of environmental ageing tests can be undertaken, including resistance to low and high temperatures, UV light, humidity and water.

Quality Control testing can be undertaken on a contract basis, with results supplied swiftly, enabling customers to make decisions on the use or despatch of materials.

In partnership with other laboratories, we offer a range of analytical tests, plus testing related to print, ink and coatings on label materials.

All tests are carried out by fully trained and experienced personnel, using up to date specialist laboratory equipment.

Tests are carried out for a wide range of companies of all sizes, including tape and label manufacturers, label printers, tape distributors and end users. We carry out tests to resolve disputes, provide technical data, evaluate alternative products and assess suitability for applications.

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Independent Laboratory Testing
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